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New launch boat for police


The boat will be known as ‘Launch Corowa’ and is a 5.7 metre Swift Marine rib with aluminium hull powered by a 115 HP four stroke Yamaha outboard motor.

“This vessel will significan­tly assist in our river and lake capability within the Murray River Police District (MRPD) from both a policing/maritime and emergency management perspectiv­e,” Commander MRPD Paul Smith APM told the Yarrawonga Chronicle.

“With other vessels based at Deniliquin and Moama, Launch Corowa will spend much of

Also perplexed

“Name withheld” has used a simplistic reason why the Grey Route should be chosen. i.e. “The volume of traffic crossing the current bridge, the grey route was at least five times that crossing the weir bridge, the green route”.

Also, “Surely, the volume of traffic crossing the current bridge is a more accurate indication of the favoured direction by the travelling public”; Perhaps the reason why the current bridge has a larger traffic flow, is because it is a two way bridge!

“Name withheld”, also claimed that Belmore Street is a portion of the Grey Route and the Weir Bridge is a portion of the Green Route. Never were, never will be.

Multitudes of trips between Yarrawonga and Mulwala do not end up at destinatio­ns in either Belmore St or Melbourne St. I like many others use the Weir Bridge to access the golf and other clubs to avoid the traffic congestion in Belmore St.

The businesses in Belmore St will not lose one customer if the Green Route option is chosen.

Doug Ringholt


Make it a larger point

As always, I enjoy Dr Clyde’s weekly articles and acknowledg­e his expertise, dedication and commitment to his clients, surgery and staff in the fight against COVID. her time on our local waterways working with Maritime on water safety enforcemen­t.”

Additional­ly, MRPD welcomed two new members to the Federation LGA in the past month. Senior Constable Kyle Thompson based in Corowa and Senior Constable Tyler Robinson based in Mulwala.

“Both members come with a wealth of experience and specialist skill,” Commander Smith said.

“Both Kyle and Tyler have ties to the border region. It is very pleasing to see local members coming home for both the police and community.”

If you are considerin­g a career change there are plenty of opportunit­ies within NSW Police Force and good chances of being stationed within the MRPD. for more informatio­n visit www.police.nsw.gov.au/recruitmen­t

Murray River Police District took possession of a new Launch boat last week that will be used between Tocumwal and Albury.

I was sad to read that people “spit and abuse” them! Nobody should have to endure that in their work place or anywhere for that matter .... even though I had a little annoyance when I was somewhat embarrasse­d at the clinic, loudly proclaimin­g in front of other clients, that it was essential and they’ve all had it, and I was somewhat ‘put in my place’ by not getting my COVID jab asap, (I was there only for my flu shot at the time and as I had other health issues happening so I was not quite ready to get my AZ!).

I have now had that first jab by his Yarrawonga Clinic thank you, and yes I did suffer a small reaction like some do but it was short lived.

Saying that, I respect and appreciate Dr Clyde’s research and applaud him wholeheart­edly in his passionate pleas to keep us all safe.

My request now Dr Clyde: I can’t read all your printed words unless I have a very very strong light on your article as they are so long, the Chronicle has to condense the point size and even though I have prescripti­on specs am still struggling with a magnifying glass!

Just wondered if your submitted articles to our wonderful Chronicle could be a little less, and therefore they can do a bigger point size?

Have a great week Sincerely

Resident of Yarrawonga.

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