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Positive case in Cobram


NCN Health advised on Monday morning, September 20 that a person has tested positive to COVID-19 in Cobram with several Tier 2 exposure sites listed.

The exposure sites include the Cobram Post Office, Woolworths Supermarke­t, Golf Pro Shop at the Cobram Barooga Sports Club for Thursday, September 16 and Friday, September 17, 2021.

The exposure site dates and times in Cobram are listed below and are all Tier 2.

If any community members have visited one of the following sites at the date and times

The councils of Moira, Federation, Berrigan and Indigo are in a race to see which can reach that 80% double vaccinatio­n goal the quickest, enabling communitie­s to open up in a safe way.

On Monday, September 20 Moira Shire was sitting at 82% first dose and 50% second dose for adults vaccinated, behind Federation Council who was at 85% first dose and 52% second dose. Berrigan Shire Council was at 78% first dose and 53% second dose.

Mulwala continues to lead the way with listed, they are asked to isolate and arrange to have a COVID test. You must continue to isolate until you have a negative result.

There were no exposure sites added Tuesday morning. Local residents are encouraged to visit www.coronaviru­s.vic.gov.au for the latest exposure site updates.

Tier 2 Exposure Sites in Cobram as of Tuesday morning, September 21

Australia Post Office – Cobram 35 Bank St, Cobram

• Date:16/9/21 (Thursday)

• Time: 12.15-12.45pm more than 90% of the postcode adult residents being first dose vaccinated and just over 60% fullu vaccinated.

Moira Shire Mayor Libro Mustica said the border regions have endured harsh restrictio­ns and multiple lockdowns, creating stress and anxiety for workers, businesses and families.

“Let’s do this for our local communitie­s get the vaccine so we can all open up, be safe and get back to being one united community,” Cr Mustica said.

“We are certainly stronger together than we are apart and by as many people as possible getting the vaccine, this will safeguard our whole community.

“It would be great if Moira could be the shire with the greatest number of people immunised, I hope everyone will take up this challenge – let the race begin!”

Berrigan Shire Mayor Matthew Hannan said he wanted all families to be able to see their loved ones, have kids back at schools, play sport and socialise in a safe way.

“We want to get our businesses to be able to do what they do best – which is have their doors open to our community,” Cr Hannan said.

“Vaccinatio­n will allow us to do all these things in a safe manner.

“We are so close to our targets, we must continue to strive for 80%.

“Berrigan Shires vaccinatio­n rates see us currently leading the charge, I look forward to seeing this number grow over the coming weeks.”

Cr Hannan said vaccinatio­n was the most effective way to protect against infectious diseases.

“When we get vaccinated, we are protecting ourselves plus helping to protect the whole community,” he said.

Woolworths Cobram

54/58 Punt Rd, Cobram

• Date: 16/9/21 (Thursday)

• Time: 12.20-13.20pm

Cobram Barooga Sports Club – Golf Pro Shop Only 10 Burkinshaw St, Barooga

• Date: 17/9/21 (Friday)

• Time: 11.20-11.50am

“Higher vaccinatio­n rates also makes outbreaks much less likely and it also reduces the need for preventati­ve measures such as border closures and travel restrictio­ns.”

Federation Council Mayor Patrick Bourke said he and other local leaders remained in awe of their respective communitie­s which have done it extremely tough over the last 20 months.

“I feel that better times are just around the corner for all of us,” Cr Bourke said.

“We are so close to coming out the other side of this, and our border communitie­s have really done the hard yards to get to this point.

“Vaccinatio­n is a critical step in our defence against COVID-19 and I have no doubt that our community will continue to answer the calls and come forward to ensure the state of NSW and our friends across the river in Victoria reach our vaccinatio­n targets.”

Indigo Shire Mayor Jenny O’Connor said Indigo was currently in the top 14% Australiaw­ide for first vaccinatio­ns.

“This clearly demonstrat­es the commitment of the community in wanting to get back to some form of normality and to keeping loved ones safe,” Cr O’Connor said.

“The focus now is on reaching the magic 80% and I hope this friendly competitio­n will help spur people on.”

Yarrawonga Health, Yarrawonga Medical Clinic, Yarrawonga Denis Medical Group, Terry White Chemmart and Mulwala Pharmacy are all conducting COVID-19 vaccinatio­ns by appointmen­t by ringing the clinics or pharmacies directly.

 ??  ?? The mayors of Indigo, Berrigan, Federation and Moira Shires have all been vaccinated and are in a race to see whose council area will hit the 80% fully vaccinated target first.
The mayors of Indigo, Berrigan, Federation and Moira Shires have all been vaccinated and are in a race to see whose council area will hit the 80% fully vaccinated target first.

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