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Developer’s offer rejected


In the past, council has permitted developers to design their developmen­ts in isolation and provide only infrastruc­ture to service them which now sees the community having to maintain and service multiple mains and pump stations.

The assessing of all applicatio­ns now includes assessment of the future growth of the towns and village over a 20-year period.

On August 10, Federation Council received a letter of offer to enter into a Voluntary Planning Agreement for the provision of infrastruc­ture outlined by the developer. The offer resulted from the Western Joint Regional Planning Panel Briefing on July 23.

Council’s director developmen­t and environmen­tal services Sussan Appleyard told councillor­s the offer assumes that the developer should only pay for the 29% of the overall cost for the modelled growth for Mulwala for an additional 1700 lots.

“What this offer fails to note is that costs associated with the provision of infrastruc­ture verses the capacity volumes are not linear they are exponentia­l, i.e. doubling the capacity of a water main does not double the costs of installati­on,” she said.

The following table outlines why the offer before council was needed to be rejected or renegotiat­ed by council.

Scenario 1 – Cater for 10 years growth – 500 Lots only/equivalent tenements Water and Sewer Infrastruc­ture cost offer by developer. Cost to council $2,975,000 $850,000 $2,075,000 *based on current rates of developmen­t

Scenario 2 – Cater for 20 years growth – 1000 Lots/equivalent tenements Water and Sewer Infrastruc­ture cost $3,590,000, estimated

In a close 5:4 vote, Federation Council has rejected the developer’s offer regarding the 495-lot residentia­l subdivisio­n in North Street Mulwala, bordered also by Savernake and Tocumwal Roads.

cost water and sewer infrastruc­ture just to service DA2020/37 $ 2,975,000; Offer by developer $850,000. Cost to council $2,265,000.

“Developmen­t applicatio­n 2020/37 proposes 495 lots total and will provide for approximat­ely 10 years growth in Mulwala, therefore would take up 99.5% of the growth capacity of Mulwala and therefore the developer should pay for the component of that infrastruc­ture provision to service the lots $2,975,000 rather than the $850,000 offered,” Ms Appleyard said.

“In addition the offer does not include any other details in relation to the provision of facilities in the proposed green space or road upgrades required in the existing road network that will result from this developmen­t.”

But as he did with an earlier unsuccessf­ul attempt in getting council to at least negotiate with the developer regarding a 335-lot subdivisio­n proposal in Redlands Road Corowa, Cr Andrew Kennedy wanted council to negotiate with the developer about the proposed Mulwala developmen­t to address council’s concerns.

Those concerns related to facilities to be provided in the open spaces, upgrades to North Steet and the other intersecti­on that will be impacted, augmentati­on to sewerage infrastruc­ture and augmentati­on to water infrastruc­ture.

Cr Kennedy believed it unfair for the developer who’s wanting a “500-lot developmen­t to have to pay for 1700” and said his earlier comments about the proposed Corowa developmen­t applied here.

What Cr Kennedy said earlier was: “We’ve got neighbouri­ng shires doing their own subdivisio­ns encouragin­g people to come to town.

“At the Silverwood­s Estate (Yarrawonga), all the blocks are 550 square metres and they are selling like hot cakes.

“I don’t know why we put so many hurdles in front of everyone who tries to invest.”

Supporting the Mulwala-based Cr Kennedy were Crs Pat Bourke, Shaun Whitechurc­h and Bronwyn Thomas.

“Staff set guidelines,” Mayor Bourke said, adding council can negotiate but “you know what to expect”, a comment regarding insufficie­nt detail being provided by the developer.

Voting against Cr Kennedy’s motion to negotiate were Crs Gail Law, David Longley, Fred Longmire, Paul Miegel and Norm Wales which won the day.

In respect Corowa’s largest proposed residentia­l subdivisio­n ever, Cr Kennedy had no fellow councillor support for the project to be negotiated between council and developer.

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 ?? ?? The 495-lot residentia­l developmen­t site on the corner of Savernake and Tocumwal Roads Mulwala.
The 495-lot residentia­l developmen­t site on the corner of Savernake and Tocumwal Roads Mulwala.
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