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both towns whilst still providing practical access to both.

I am a life member of the CFA (40 years as captain), a life member of Ambulance Service Victoria (19 years on NE ambulance committee) and spent ten years as controller of Yarrawonga SES. So, I look at community safety issues. The ‘green route’ is more capable of handling these issues.

Finally, I think the bridge must be two lanes of traffic each way as we look to the future.

Public meeting for old YPS site

20 years ago, if a developer put forwards plans like the new library it would have been deemed as an overdevelo­pment of the site.

Today as we consider our health and developmen­t for next generation, we look at open space, quiet areas and shade and with Covid looking like it’s here to stay fresh air is very important, how could anyone consider this site suitable?

From the preliminar­y plans we have been shown, is the kitchen a commercial coffee shop or a kitchen for volunteer groups catering for functions in the Yarrawonga Town Hall?

The way Yarrawonga is growing I think the community will be looking for a new library before the new traffic bridge is built, certainly community input has resulted in a better design than originally presented but a lot more expensive.

Our iconic town hall is rapidly approachin­g 100 years of age and lots of suggestion­s have been made for improvemen­ts to bring it to the 21st Century (i.e. Installati­on of two Lifts, one to the stage and one to second floor, new ladies toilets, screening off the stage for a meeting room and dividing the main auditorium into smaller areas to compensate for the loss of the community hall, smaller chairs and tables so they will fit into the area 1/3 of the space the current furniture is stored in).

It’s time the council called a public meeting for the community to decide what is required to revamp our hall for the next century.

School site: The community is certainly keen to see this area purchased for community use under the First Right of Refusal by the council at the bargain price of what we believe to be around $700,000.

The Yarrawonga Community Action Group intends to have a Community Meeting when Covid restrictio­ns permit to discuss this area and to ascertain what community organizati­ons are interested in utilizing the existing buildings certainly the library and tourist center should be on this site.

For the last 10 years a new tourist center has been talked about, suddenly a pretty drawing was produced to place it at the end of the bridge, it appears this could be at least 20 years before this happens. Victoria and Australian tourism will be very competitiv­e over the next 10 years before tourists will be confident to take cruises or embark on overseas tours. Yarrawonga needs a better tourist center/office to attract these visitors and keep then coming back.

It’s time Moira Shire call a public meeting to clarify the school site instead of keeping discussion behind closed doors.

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