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Neville’s home invasion horror


Three males broke into Mr Corboy’s home in Pinniger Street Yarrawonga. The trio stole the family’s 2014 Volkswagon Golf sedan and made off along Pinniger Street heading the town’s main street.

Soon after, the vehicle was spotted along the Shepparton-Katamatite Road north of Shepparton, spikes were put down by police and the car drove around on its wheel rims.

“The vehicle stopped in Field Street Shepparton. We got one offender. The other two fled. Our investigat­ions are ongoing. We are actively pursuing the other two,” Senior Constable Phil Armstrong of Cobram Crime Investigat­ion Unit told the Yarrawonga Chronicle.

“Anyone who can assist us with our investigat­ions, including any dashcam footage along Shepparton-Katamatite Road at about the time would be appreciate­d.”

The captured person, a 19-year-old from Congupna has been remanded in custody to appear in Shepparton Magistrate­s Court in January.

He has been charged with home invasion, aggravated burglary, robbery, theft of a motor vehicle, intentiona­lly and recklessly causing injury and assault in company.

Mr Corboy was taken to Albury Base Hospital, was operated on at Wodonga Hospital for eye injuries and returned to Albury hospital before being back home in Yarrawonga.

Speaking to the Yarrawonga Chronicle, the 84-year-old said: “I was sound asleep. I heard this noise, the back door was kicked in. I ‘flew’ out of bed, saw the carport light on and saw three people in the passageway. I just dropped my shoulder and went at two of them – they seemed to leave.

“This third bloke was much bigger…he and

I had a wrestle. Where we were everything was dark. I asked (wife) Val to ring the police which she immediatel­y did. I went into the kitchen and put my hand on the arch and unfortunat­ely switched on the light. He picked up a chair and poked it straight into my face.

I went to the floor and tried to get back up. Then he stuck the boots into my chest.”

After earlier demanding but not receiving the car keys from Mr Corboy, the alleged offender noticed and grabbed some keys from the wall-located spot, unlocked the car and the three vacated the premises.

“Five coppers arrived within about five or seven minutes,” the victim said. “One spent cleaning me up for about half-an-hour. Val had to stay the rest of the night with the Mepsteads (neighbour friends) as our house was declared a crime scene.”

Neville suffered head and eye injuries, and underwent a 90-minute tear duct operation at Wodonga. He has sore ribs following the kicking to the chest, bruised arms and skin off arms and legs, and spent two nights in hospital.

“The two eye specialist­s and two doctors asked me if I’d do it again (fight back),” he said. “Yes,” before adding: “I think I would.”

Son Mark from Ballarat drove to Yarrawonga on that Sunday. “It’s upsetting. It’s a shock,” he said. “It’s a lovely quiet community around here. Now there’s this unknown element. It’s upset the whole area.”

When asked if anything like this has happened in years gone by, Neville said he had copped a black eye or two, and four broken noses during his fine football career of some 200 games with Mulwala. “I copped a black eye the week before our wedding (1963, against Congupna),” he said.

At Mulwala, Neville was vice captain to Bill Essex and runner-up in the team’s best and fairest award four times. Neville and Bill worked together running the Mulwala Water Filtration Plant.

People like Neville don’t deserve to be on the receiving end of a house invasion. Neville fought back. He expressed his thanks to the five police officers – one each from Cobram, Wangaratta and Melbourne, and two from Yarrawonga – who came to his house and all the medical staff in the hospitals for their care and attention.

“I also thank all my neighbours for my and Val’s well-being, and all the support they’ve shown and given us,” Neville concluded.

Well known Yarrawonga Mulwala identity Neville Corboy is recovering from a vicious assault in his own home at about 12.50am on Sunday, October 3.

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 ?? ?? A battered and bruised Neville Corboy back home from hospital.
A battered and bruised Neville Corboy back home from hospital.

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