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As a kid in Yarrawonga, I had two options for getting over the lake – two bridges, each with two lanes. (There was a third too – my mates and I would swim over now and again.)

So, it beggars’ belief that more than 60 years later, one of those two options is gone and we’ll have just the one bridge. This is despite the Yarra-Mul population increasing multiple times over this period and bridge traffic expanding even more than population growth.

Closure of the weir bridge is a selfish and unnecessar­ily too risk averse approach by the Murray–Darling Basin Authority.

Increased traffic (by 20 per cent to around 10,000 crossings per day, when we return to normal) over the remaining bridge heightens the likelihood of a vehicle crash on it, with consequent disruption to Yarra-Mul residents, possibly a severe disruption (remember the Tasman Bridge disaster and the disruption it caused?).

Given the continuing procrastin­ation over a new bridge, we may need to bring back the punt that once crossed from side to side.

Mick Shadwick


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