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- COVID Communique: An abyss of anarchy

We have exceeded the 80% first dose vaccinatio­n target for Victoria.

The joy is not in beating some other states (that too), but that the beneficiar­ies of the vaccine gift will be back soon and be double vaxxed.

This is happening quickly as we transition from AZ vaccines with a 12-week interval to Pfizer vaccines with a six-week interval, which has now been realigned with the Commonweal­th recommenda­tion of three weeks. Moderna has a 4-week interval. At least 83% double vaxxing will be achieved very soon.

NSW is beating us because they got a big fright and tried harder. 372 people have died in NSW since June from their Delta variant crisis, now ours as well.

How can anyone argue against the merit of a pro-active vaccinatio­n program?

Like our prime minister, the NSW premier seemed slow to realise the importance of it all, but eventually got what it was about and pushed through. She didn’t look worn out to me as she fronted the packs of hyenas with questions that didn’t always find easy answers.

Anyway. she’s gone for other reason and has been replaced already. Apart from what she did or didn’t know, or do, she caved in before the ICAC enquiry even asked her any questions. Being a border town we are interested in these issues, and some of our own.

The Victorian premier has his own concerns with Worksafe asking some probing questions about the quarantine imbroglio last year, with legal action from a government authority against a government department. Sounds like cannibalis­m to me. The winners will be the lawyers’ I guess. A sort of Jobkeeper for law firms. The losers will be the taxpayers. Always have been.

Victoria’s COVID case numbers are nothing to brag about, with community transmissi­on and sporadic cases in the regions, and alarmingly for us, the resurgence of problems in Shepparton. And deaths among people of all ages except children, which is good. We need them. All of them.

My mother is nearly 98 and lives in supported accommodat­ion, close to an Aged Care facility. I don’t want her to get COVID and die, but we both know that something

is going to take her off, possibly soon. We talk about it and have a little laugh. She is quite sanguine about her friends shuffling off (Mum-most of them are already gone, ages ago). But if a 7-year-old died they might be missing out on 90 years of good living. For the mathematic­ians, human existence is counted within a binary system of a O or a 1. Zero is not the preferred option, and one is the rest of us if we survive the pandemic.

We don’t count people in fractions based on perhaps age. You are in or out. But if younger people die from COVID we will be losing more human years and break more hearts. This is why we need to keep the pressure on to push the vaccinatio­n program to beyond 80%, and even 90%, and the children too. Protective measures of masks and other hardships will be with us for a while. Frequent changes to this, driven by public health need, originate in science and epidemiolo­gy, not by guesswork as some might imagine. Increasing­ly people are getting sick of it all, and think they know better.

If we descend into an abyss of anarchy things will get very much worse. Check out what is happening in Brazil and India. Don’t follow the libertaria­ns like the idiots who invaded the streets of Melbourne.

The more that anti-vaxxers and freedom fighters get a stage to promote their weird beliefs the more it seems to attract people whose main issue is that they don’t like being pushed around by government­s, or anyone in authority.

They lost a lot of support when they threw things at our police horses, attempted to injure fresh police graduates (and the others), and then mucked up at the Shrine of Remembranc­e. This mayhem seemed to appeal to some.

The leaders and advisers who we meet in our lounge rooms each evening are providing a direction and a motivation to use the roadmap to avoid ending up in hell, and it’s not the one near Booligal or Hay. Stick with them I say.

I decided to write this column six months ago to keep the important issues front and centre in people’s minds with a local relevance, in a readable way.

If you are getting tired, so am I, we all are, but we won’t be giving up. Not now. Not ever.

Vaccinatio­n will get us too somewhere much safer, and sooner.

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