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ClubMulwal­a’s $3.5m financial record


ClubMulwal­a has produced a record $3,530,773 operating profit for financial year 2020/2021.

“Never before has ClubMulwal­a produced a profit near this level,” club chairman Des O’Meara ESM OAM, advised the 53 attendees at last Sunday’s Annual General Meeting.

“Most of this profit, $2.3M, came from operations and is a new record on its own. Job Keeper also has had a favourable input into our result. It would still be a record without Job Keeper.”

Describing the result as “wonderful”, Mr O’Meara said the Board of Directors congratula­te the club’s chief executive officer Alan Rowe, his management team and all staff, on this “amazing result”.

“In the hospitalit­y industry, your achievemen­ts are a measure of your staff’s abilities, and our staff shine through yet again this year,” the chairman said.

“The Federal Government’s Job Keeper has assisted ClubMulwal­a to maintain its fantastic workforce through these trying times of shutdown, lockdown and many restrictio­ns.”

The 53 attendees comprised 23 RSL SubBranch members and 30 Social Members. A special welcome was afforded Life Member Tony Nieuwenhou­t OAM.

Last financial year (2019/20), ClubMulwal­a made a profit of $1,583,707. Commenting on the 2020/21 result, ClubMulwla’s Chief Executive Officer Alan Rowe said: “This has been a great result considerin­g the uncontroll­able factors.”

The CEO provided a snapshot of the interrupti­ons from March 2020: 23/03/20 – closed until 01/06/20 (lockdown 1), 20/07/20 – border closed (lockdown 2), 20/12/20 – Victoria imposes border restrictio­ns, 31/12/20 – Victoria snap shut border (lockdown 3), 27/05/21 – Victoria snap shut border (lockdown 4).

This financial year (2021/22) there have already been two lockdowns (70-80% of club members and trade come from the Victorian side of the border).

“We can all relate to being impacted in some way, in particular over the last 12-15 months. The (2020/21) year has been challengin­g to say the least. A year, that hopefully, we will never have to encounter again,” Mr Rowe said.

ClubMulwal­a’s intraclub sporting clubs were congratula­ted by Mr O’Meara and Mr Rowe on their achievemen­ts over the past 12 months, with a special mention to Lawn Bowls with three teams making it through to the Grand Final in their respective competitio­ns, and a great win for Tuesday Pennant Team B1.

The chairman and CEO expressed their appreciati­on to the hard-working committees that keep these intraclubs operating.

Commenting on the new look ClubMulwal­a, Mr O’Meara said: “I trust that our members are enjoying our newly renovated club. Due to Covid-19 restrictio­ns, we have not ventured into more internal redevelopm­ent of our club, but look forward to a new elevator in the near future.

“Also planned is roof maintenanc­e, repair and replacemen­t to ensure that all our renovation­s remain protected. ClubMulwal­a currently has 26 separate sections of roof, many of which are in dire need of repair.”

ClubMulwal­a is very focused on the Yarrawonga/Mulwala community, with well over $292,252 of either cash, or inkind donations made throughout the community last year, with many beneficiar­ies. The club is pleased to support and partner the RSL sub-branch. Included in this are Legacy, Ladies Auxiliary and Mulwala Elderly Citizens.

“Employing over 125 staff shows our commitment to Yarrawonga/Mulwala and we will continue to do so,” Mr Rowe said. “Without our members’ support, we would not be able to do this. I express a very big thank you to our fantastic, patient staff.”

Mr Rowe presented a power-point display of what has now become an exciting six-stage, wow factors ClubMulwal­a developmen­t project to include the re-roofing.

ClubMulwal­a has always had a close allegiance with the Yarrawonga Mulwala RSL Sub-Branch and its Auxiliary, and the Cobram Yarrawonga Legacy Group and their Widows.

“I know that all these organisati­ons appreciate our commitment each year,” the chairman said.

“I have been privileged to chair the Board of ClubMulwal­a and I thank my fellow Directors, and our CEO Alan Rowe, for their contributi­on, commitment and support to myself and to ClubMulwal­a, and look forward to a safe but challengin­g 2021/22.”

 ?? ?? ClubMulwal­a CEO Alan Rowe (left) and Chairman Des O’Meara ESM OAM delivering their reports at last Sunday’s AGM. Both received rounds of applauses for the club’s achievemen­ts for
ClubMulwal­a CEO Alan Rowe (left) and Chairman Des O’Meara ESM OAM delivering their reports at last Sunday’s AGM. Both received rounds of applauses for the club’s achievemen­ts for 2020/2021.

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