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Police deter use of e-skateboard­s


Around 6.30pm last Sunday night, the male was travelling west on Pinniger Street when as he approached the roundabout of Gilmore and Pinniger Streets he fell from the motor vehicle.

The male had consumed alcohol and at the time of the Chronicle going to print, police were waiting on toxicology reports.

With e-skateboard­s capable of travelling at a speed of 45km/h, head and neck injuries were sustained as the male was also not wearing a helmet.

The man has since been discharged from hospital but local Police are advising the community on the rules of e-scooters and e-skateboard­s and deterring residents from further use in public.

A statement released by Victoria Police says it is currently against the law to ride an e-scooter or e-skateboard, with the same rules as motor vehicles applying to the mode of transport.

“The law is clear, you can buy one but you can’t ride it on any Victorian public road, cycle lane or footpath,” the statement read.

“The only place an e-scooter/ e-skateboard can legally be used is on private land.

“E-scooters that are over 200 watts or can travel at more than 10km/h and e-skateboard­s that are used on public roads are classified as motor vehicles and subject to the same legal requiremen­ts such as: licensing, registrati­on, road rules, drink/drug driving laws and safety standards.

“Most e-scooters/ e-skateboard­s do not have number plates, speedomete­rs, signals or warning devices and don’t always have visible rear lights so they can’t be registered.

“The Road Safety Act also allows police to stop riders and require them to state their name and address as well as enforce the applicable laws.

“Victoria Police also has the power to impound these vehicles and to issue on the spot fines for offences including: unlicensed riding, unregister­ed vehicle, driving on a footpath, failing to wear a helmet, drink/drug driving and careless riding.”

For more informatio­n on the use of e-scooters or e-skateboard­s visit the Victoria Police website.

Police are deterring the use of e-skateboard­s after an 18-year-old male was taken to hospital with head and neck injuries after falling from his e-skateboard.

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