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since April 6 this year, when their compliance officer advised we could expect a response as soon as a staff member returned from leave. An explanatio­n is definitely warranted, and we are still waiting!

P. Flavel, President and P.L. Hocking, Secretary, YULG Inc.

Community efforts applauded

Congratula­tions and a massive thank you to the people of the Ovens Valley for stepping up to do their bit in getting vaccinated. This week the Rural City of Wangaratta and Moira Shire Council are over 95 per cent first vaccinatio­n and the Alpine Shire is above 93 per cent.

Keeping our families safe should be our main priority but keeping our community safe is just as important.

We are nearing the end of a very long 18 months and may I thank everyone who has worked so hard to look out for each other and support local businesses where possible.

We have lost so many events and activities but new ones are just around the corner so we can get back to normal.

I am still uncomforta­ble with the Victorian Labor Government’s mandatory vaccinatio­n for authorised workers. Although I support vaccinatio­n, I also believe genuine choice should be an option, not a choice where your livelihood relies on that choice - that’s not a choice, that’s blackmail.

A real choice would have been more regular rapid tests for unvaccinat­ed people which would buy people more time to decide which way they want to go.

I have had many businesses contacting my office concerned as to how they will keep their doors open when unvaccinat­ed staff finish up.

Please be patient - retailers need our support not our impatience.

The Premier has overreache­d on this occasion but as a community we will all work together to look out for each and every one.

Make sure we all reach out to friends and colleagues next week to see how they are travelling. Some will be doing it tough.

I’m so proud of the way we have worked together so far, keep up the great work.

Tim McCurdy

Member for Ovens Valley

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