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Cost-saving electrical upgrades to benefit GMW customers


GMW has been working with contractor SCD Tech to bring aging electrical equipment at the pump station, which provides stock and domestic water to customers along a pressurise­d pipeline from the Shepparton irrigation network, up to current standards.

GMW Project Delivery manager Stuart Nield said the control system’s Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) had been replaced, enhancing pump station control and ensuring future system reliabilit­y.

“This upgrade has enhanced the transmissi­on of control system signals and maintained the productivi­ty savings associated with operating staff not having to regularly attend site for customer water flow monitoring and operationa­l changes,” he said.

Improvemen­ts have also been made to the pump duty cycle, pump and filter monitoring with more operationa­l controls and efficient maintenanc­e of discharge pressure; as well as graphics and more technical and operationa­l visibility on the operator interface panel.

“It has improved the overall efficiency of the pump station by optimising the operation of the electrical and mechanical assets,” Mr Nield said.

“In short, it has increased the operationa­l life of the pump station. “The benefits to customers include improved reliabilit­y of the pump station to supply stock and domestic water.”

Electrical upgrades at Goulburn-Murray Water’s (GMW) Tungamah pump station will improve reliabilit­y in water supply for customers.

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