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495-lot subdivisio­n under negotiatio­n


It follows a successful 6:3 recission motion result at council’s monthly meeting on October 19. It follows on from the 5:4 vote to reject at Voluntary Planning Agreement by the developer at council’s September meeting.

Cr Norm Wales voted to reject the developer’s offer at the September meeting. He has since indicated he voted in error and sought to have the matter reconsider­ed as his intent was to vote to allow negotiatio­ns to occur on the matter.

He submitted a Notice of Recission for last week’s meeting which was also signed by Crs Andrew Kennedy and Shaun Whitechurc­h.

The negotiatio­n will include the short fall in the offer to provide infrastruc­ture such as facilities to be provided in the open spaces, upgrades to North Street and other intersecti­ons impacted by the developmen­t, augmentati­on to sewerage infrastruc­ture and water infrastruc­ture.

All costs – excluding council staff costs but including any legal costs if required – associated with the negotiatio­ns for any agreement are to be met by the applicant and/or developer.

As he did at the September meeting, Cr Kennedy spoke strongly in favour of council entering into negotiatio­ns about the proposed developmen­t.

At last month’s meeting, the Mulwala-based councillor had no councillor support when he spoke in favour of a 395-lot subdivisio­n proposal in Redlands Road Corowa.

“In Corowa, the whole town was against the developmen­t,” Cr Kennedy said. “This is different. Everywhere I go people ask me why isn’t it (the Mulwala developmen­t) going ahead. No-one’s against it. Mulwala needs this. This is the only place it can grow.”

Mayor Pat Bourke encouraged councillor­s to vote for negotiatio­ns, “to have a chat to see if we can meet on mutual grounds”. Cr Wales admitted: “My thoughts were developmen­t/ negotiatio­ns for Mulwala.”

Deputy Mayor Whitechurc­h said: “We need developmen­t but we have to get it right for the community. Keep it rolling.”

In her report, council’s director developmen­t and environmen­tal services Susan Appleyard said what the Voluntary Planning Agreement Offer by the applicant meant was that the developer should only pay 29% of the overall cost for the modelled growth for Mulwala for an additional 1700 lots.

“What this offer fails to note is that costs associated with the provision of infrastruc­ture versus the capacity volumes are not linear - they are exponentia­l, that is, doubling the capacity of a water main does not double the costs of installati­on,” she said.

Ms Appleyard said the proposed 495 lots will provide for about 10 years growth in Mulwala, taking up to 99.5% of the growth capacity of Mulwala and therefore the developmen­t should pay for the component of that infrastruc­ture provision to service the lots $2,975,000 rather than the $850,000 offered.

Cr Paul Miegel raised concerns about the long-term cost to ratepayers and council if the offer is accepted by council and the precedent it sets for current and future councils. Cr Fred Longmire reiterated the concerns by the director developmen­t and environmen­tal services, emphasisin­g the massive difference in developmen­t costs perceived or expected of developer and council.

Being a regionally or state significan­t developmen­t, the applicatio­n is required to be determined by the Western Joint Regional Planning Panel (JRPPP). Ms Appleyard advised, at council’s latest meeting, the panel will meet on Tuesday, November 4.

“The applicant will be advised of council’s resolution and then negotiatio­ns will commence,” Ms Appleyard said.

Federation Council has now decided to negotiate with the applicant or developer regarding a 495-lot subdivisio­n in North Street Mulwala, bordered by Savernake and Tocumwal Roads.

 ?? ?? Cr Andrew Kennedy speaking in favour of the recission motion last week.
Cr Andrew Kennedy speaking in favour of the recission motion last week.
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