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distress and immense disappoint­ment in Moira Shire Council’s governance capabiliti­es.

Concerned Cahills Road Residents

It’s still ‘grey’

Brian Keenan (Yarrawonga Chronicle Letter to the Editor, October 6 edition), ‘New Mulwala Bridge projects”) compliment­s the very profession­al firm (his words) GHD for their work and the conclusion they reached that the Green route was the better choice. GHD didn’t ask me or anyone I know for input. No advertisem­ents in the paper asking for submission­s.

He glosses over the more thorough, more comprehens­ive and longer lasting VicRoads led planning that included impact studies, surveys, consultati­ons and feedback (VicRoads asked locals to provide input and gave feedback) that happened earlier and came to the conclusion the grey route was the preferred route.

VicRoads notified the NSW and Victorian government­s of this outcome and in Nov 2015, the grey route became the “designated route”. For those who don’t believe a decision has been made, it has. November 2015. Grey route. Designated route.

Moira Shire’s reluctance to accept the decision has slowed the project and, instead of having a new bridge up and running, we are faced with no new bridge in the foreseeabl­e future and our crossings limited to one, now the weir crossing is closed.

Mr. Keenan’s “bypass” comment ignores the fact that 98% of traffic between the two towns is not through traffic. The grey route would divert traffic away from the main street of Yarrawonga.

Peter Bennett Yarrawonga

Authorised workers

Tim McCurdy has himself overreache­d a bit in criticisin­g the ‘Victorian Government’s mandatory vaccinatio­n for authorised workers’.

He is pitching himself against the Chief Health Officer, the Dept of Health, and the Public Health Unit, and is blaming the Labor Government which has engaged with that advice.

There is a coterie of epidemiolo­gists providing further useful and independen­t commentary. In attempting to appease the unvaccinat­ed workers he is asking for more time. How much time do they need?

The vaccine rollout started in March and has been opened up in stages until we are down to everyone 12 years of age and over.

The pandemic response has been with an unpreceden­ted peacetime urgency, but positive cases have now emerged in Moira Shire, and double vaccine protection is only 65.9%, increasing daily of course.

There is no time to wait, that opportunit­y has passed and the anti-vaxxers have painted themselves into a corner.

There are some unvaccinat­ed people who have no choice-mostly children. There are hardly any legitimate reasons for others to remain unvaccinat­ed. Some make up excuses for their selfish behaviour.

This is all about community responsibi­lity.

A number of residents impacted by retaining wall works at the rear of their Cahills Road properties have contacted council to voice their concerns and request meetings to discuss the issue.

We have had conversati­ons with individual property owners as well as three group meetings, held via Zoom due to COVID-19 health restrictio­ns, which were attended by the owners of 11 impacted properties as well as Council officers and a representa­tive of the developer organisati­on.

Four main concerns were raised during these meetings, namely the impact of the retaining wall on flooding of their property; the height of the retaining wall and its impact on privacy and amenity; concerns about responsibi­lity for maintain the retaining wall; and the lack of consultati­on about this project.

The flooding concerns are easily answered as the Cahills Road properties sit in the Yarrawonga West catchment whereas the Glanmire Park properties sit in the Botts Road catchment.

The water comes from the south, reaches the rear fence of the Cahills Road properties and then runs south down Old Wilby Road – as such, the retaining wall will not impact flood behaviour.

The maximum height of the retaining wall will only be 800mm in a few sections – not right across the length of the wall.

The maximum height of the retaining was to be 1,000mm however, Council relaxed the slope of the land by the maximum amount to maintain the proper functionin­g of the sewer The mandatory vaccinatio­n for authorised workers program is putting pressure on some, and it is working.

Do not be fooled by this ill-advised view from an uninformed politician playing for political advantage.

We have been shown a roadmap to protection and freedom, don’t take an excursion into a cul-de-sac. Get vaccinated now!

Dr Clyde Ronan, Yarrawonga Vaccinatio­n Centre.

Cahills Road statement Moira Shire Council CEO Clare Keenan

and drainage systems which means the retaining wall will now only be a maximum height of 800mm.

In response to concerns raised, the retaining wall will be moved into the Glanmire Park where requested by Cahills Road property owners and not along the fence line as originally planned, with any fences or ground that has been disturbed to be rectified by the developer.

The Overall Developmen­t Plan covering the Glanmire Park Estate has been in the public domain for some time and was originally advertised for public consultati­on in 2007 with the most recent revision approved in November 2020.

The Victorian Government’s Planning and Environmen­t Act exempted the applicant from advertisin­g the current subdivisio­n planning applicatio­n as the proposed layout had complied with the already approved Overall Developmen­t Plan, which had previously been out for public consultati­on.

A copy of the Glanmire Park plan can be found on our website.

We do acknowledg­e there was a lack of consultati­on by the developer of Glanmire Park with the adjoining property owners prior to any works along the joint fencing however, as explained earlier, the developer will bear the costs of moving the retaining wall and restore any disturbed fencing.

We will continue to meet with residents and hear any future concerns or questions that may arise.

 ?? ??
 ?? ?? Inner Wheel President Chris Seabridge, new member Robyn Wilson and member Pat Loughnan.
Inner Wheel President Chris Seabridge, new member Robyn Wilson and member Pat Loughnan.
 ?? ?? Asbestos was rife throughout the roof of the Community Hall, with it the first to go and workers carefully demolishin­g it.
Asbestos was rife throughout the roof of the Community Hall, with it the first to go and workers carefully demolishin­g it.

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