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Tennis booming in Yarrawonga


Well, it is official. Yarrawonga’s junior tennis program has exploded. On Saturday morning the courts were filled beyond capacity after the hard courts were not able to be used due to overnight rain. Even if the courts were available there would have still been an excess of players.

The junior committee has in jest requested that President Daryl Bennett investigat­e the use of the oval for Saturday mornings.

It is certainly an awesome problem to have, and creativity will ensure that all players will have their full quota of regular court time.

Both the Hot Shots and Coaching programs continue to recruit more players keen to learn the game of tennis.

Activities and drills are varied with player learning the fundamenta­ls in a fun way. Parents continue to play a pivotal role in the program.

Being involved is a great encouragem­ent for the players and even a simple task like picking up balls allows the kids to hit a lot more shots in a session.

This week the young coaches continued to do a great job and also welcomed Ella Rhodes to the ranks. Ella will be another positive role model for up-and-coming stars.

In line with the restrictio­ns set by Tennis Victoria the juniors that normally play matches played the ‘Up and Down the River’ game. This ensures non-stop tennis for the entire session.

It is certainly apparent that this has been popular as there were 66 players there to enjoy a hit. This is substantia­l growth on what has always been a very well-liked component of our Saturday morning program.

The next time matches are played the official competitio­n will commence with players in groups and scores recorded.

This weekend there will be no Saturday morning tennis. The Melbourne Cup weekend has always been tennis free to allow families the opportunit­y to enjoy the long weekend.

Players are reminded that the nets are always up on the hard courts and with all membership­s players can use these courts as often as they want. The Saturday morning program will resume on November 6.

There are still positions available and anyone interested are encouraged to contact Greg Duns, Lisa Linehan or Jason Bassett as soon as possible to join the fun.

Wednesday Fast Four to take off!

Yarrawonga Lawn Tennis Club newest initiative has had a wonderful response. Originally it was hoped that six to 10 teams would be part of the Wednesday Fast Four Teams event. It appears that the absolute maximum capacity of 26 teams may be reached. If you would still like to enter a team, please enter immediatel­y.

The format will involve teams of four friends, family members, workmates, or school friends. Teams will strategica­lly be pitted against each other to ensure fun competitio­n. The aim is to get people enjoying the night and having a lot of laughs.

Commencing at 6pm and finishing by 7.30pm this will allow everyone to connect after the matches with their friends and the new people they will meet.

It is hoped to attract people to the club who may not regularly visit, and this will hopefully boost the profile. Current members will participat­e free of charge and non-members will be charged $10 per night.

Thursday Ladies Competitio­n

The Thursday Ladies team’s competitio­n will commence on Thursday, November 11. Names can be submitted up until November 1 but interested players are encouraged to enter their names as soon as possible.

Teams are created from individual names entered. This ensures that opponents are evenly matched and new players can easily find a team to play in. At this stage the response has been excellent. Organisers would really like to find as many players as possible to enjoy the fun.

Tuesday Mens Competitio­n

Ash Wheaton, the chief organiser of the Tuesday Mens teams’ event is ecstatic with the interest shown in the competitio­n. Ash has been very busy looking through the previous season’s data attempting to create an even competitio­n.

It appears at this stage there will be 13 teams which is an increase of 2 teams from last year. It is very pleasing as there are several new and returning players keen to hit the courts. This competitio­n will commence on Tuesday November 9.

Rock up and play sessions

The YLTC holds social aggregate style tennis at four different times during the week. Each of these events provide the opportunit­y for new players to come and trial tennis prior to committing to becoming a member.

The main aggregate night is Friday night, and this commenced last Friday. With official competitio­n not allowed yet the 15 players in attendance enjoyed a social practice hit with many picking up the racquet for the first time for the season.

This Friday night, arrive just before 6pm and enjoy a relaxed competitio­n catering for all standards.

The other times where anyone can simply sign-in on the day are Saturday at 1pm for all players, Tuesday morning commencing at 9.30 for ladies and Wednesday at 1pm for mens social hit. There is no compulsion to attend each of these on a weekly basis although once you have tried it once it will be hard to not keep going back.

Wilby Tennis Associatio­n

The Wilby Tennis Associatio­n held its Annual General Meeting on Sunday night with John Wright re-elected as the President for another term. In a very well attended meeting John was elated to confirm that the competitio­n this season will have eight teams which is an increase of two teams.

This has been possible as Tungamah and Mulwala are both entering two sides. This competitio­n will have the powerhouse local hamlets of Burramine, Mulwala, Savernake, Telford, Tungamah, and Wilby battling on the court each week.

Each team comprises of four men and four ladies with each player four sets of tennis each week.

A range of abilities and ages play each week, and this has been this competitio­n has been the breeding ground for some of the district finest players over many decades.

The season will commence on Friday, November 5 with the draw released this week. The season will run for ten rounds before the final’s series.

All teams are currently recruiting players so if anyone in the community is keen to be part of a team they would certainly be welcomed.

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