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Students join Chronicle team

- By Emma Prior

Yarrawonga College P-12 Year 11 students were able to witness the production of a newspaper last Friday when they visited the Yarrawonga Chronicle office.

The Year 11 students are taking part in the VCE vocational major, which from 2023, replaces the existing VCAL program at the intermedia­te and senior levels.

From this year, the VCE Vocational Major is a two-year vocational and applied learning program that will enable transition­s into apprentice­ships, traineeshi­ps, further education and training and university (via non-ATAR pathways) with slight changes from the pre-existing VCAL program.

Students who attended the excursion are all in their first year of the major and witnessed the production in process from all aspects of the business, from administra­tion to advertisin­g, journalism and graphic production.

The first unit of the Year 11 VM Literacy for term one is a unit on newspaper production/ writing where students will learn the technique of various writing styles focused on form, purpose, and target audience.

Through this process they will learn the importance of clever word choices when creating their pieces in order to engage the reader as they produce their own ‘mini’ newspaper named The Yarrawonga Pulse- the heart of Yarrawonga’s news.

As part of The Yarrawonga Pulse students will write a news report, a feature article, a letter to the editor, a sports report as well as including an ad or two and weather reports.

Upon arrival to the Chronicle students were welcomed by administra­tion staff, before joining the journalist­s in writing and taking a photo for an article, uploading to the printing program Naviga as well as the Yarrawonga Chronicle website before lastly witnessing the story come to life on the page through

pagination completed by graphic designers.

Students are excited about the changes to the Vocational Major program as they build greater skills in numeracy and literacy before heading out to the work force with many students already having apprentice­ships lined up

on completion of school.

Students will spend the entirety of term one to create The Yarrawonga Pulse with the Yarrawonga Chronicle team keen to read the completed copy.

 ?? ?? Yarrawonga College P-12 Year 11 students visited the Yarrawonga Chronicle office last Friday.
Yarrawonga College P-12 Year 11 students visited the Yarrawonga Chronicle office last Friday.

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