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Mea­sur­ing 28.6 Mbps, South Korea’s av­er­age in­ter­net con­nec­tion is the fastest in the world. South Korea cov­ers 99,720 square kilo­me­tres and its coast­line is 2,413 kilo­me­tres long.

South Korea is di­vided from North Korea at the 38th par­al­lel; out­side a de­mil­i­ta­rized zone here, there are huge num­bers of troops on both sides.

A ma­jor­ity of South Korea is moun­tain­ous — its high­est peak is the 1,950-me­tre vol­canic Mount Halla on Cheju Is­land. Ur­ban ar­eas are gen­er­ally highly pop­u­lated. South Korea has a very low an­nual birth rate, at just 8.3 births/1,000 peo­ple (est. 2017), which is 220th out of 226 coun­tries. Ger­many is 213th (8.6), with Ja­pan 223rd (7.7) and North Korea 132nd (14.6). South Korea’s main ex­port part­ners are China (25%), the US (13%), Hong Kong (6.6%), Viet­nam (6.6%) and Ja­pan (4.9%); main im­port part­ners are China (21.4%), Ja­pan (11.7%), the US (10.7%) and Ger­many (4.7%).

South Korea cel­e­brates its in­de­pen­dence from Ja­pan, which took place in 1945, on Lib­er­a­tion Day, 15 August.

Cel­e­brat­ing lib­er­a­tion

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