3. Good man­ners (6 points)

Business Spotlight - - LANGUAGE TEST -

An­other mod­ule in the course deals with good man­ners. What would you say in each of the fol­low­ing sit­u­a­tions? Un­scram­ble the sen­tences. In each sen­tence, one of the words does not be­long.

A. All the chairs are taken in the room where the pre­sen­ta­tion is being held. A col­league with a bro­ken leg en­ters the room. You say: of­fer / my / you / would / may / I / seat ?

B. An em­ployee of the par­cel ser­vice is about to enter the of­fice build­ing with lots of parcels on a trol­ley. You say: the / just / me / let / door / have / for / you / open .

C. You see a col­league on her way to the meet­ing room. She is car­ry­ing a bag full of printed ma­te­ri­als in one hand and a lap­top in the other hand. You say: carry / bag / can / your / I / you ?

D. A col­league is very busy. He has to fin­ish a re­port by 3 p.m. and doesn’t have time to go for lunch. You say: you / the / any­thing / canteen / get / I / can / from / want ?

E. You have spilled cof­fee over a col­league’s desk. You wipe it up with a tis­sue and apol­o­gize. You say: what / make / up / do / because / can / I / to / for / my / care­less­ness ?

F. A col­league is strug­gling with the new espresso ma­chine in the canteen. You know how to op­er­ate it. You say: show / you / may / how / it / I’ll / works .

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