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1. Get­ting ready (7 points)

Kathie Jones and Tom Baker, who run the agency, are mak­ing sure that ev­ery­thing is ready for the an­nual meet­ing. Match Kathie’s ques­tions to Tom’s an­swers.

A. Which rooms have you booked?

B. How about the list of par­tic­i­pants?

C. Have you talked to the tech­ni­cians?

D. Did the clean­ers agree to come in af­ter the meet­ing?

E. How about cof­fee and lunch breaks?

F. Can we agree on the fi­nal agenda?

G. And last but not least, who will wel­come the par­tic­i­pants?

1. They promised to check the pro­jec­tors, mi­cro­phones and other de­vices to­day.

2. I’m in touch with our usual cater­ing ser­vice. They said they’d take care of ev­ery­thing.

3. The lounge and rooms 4 and 5 on the top floor.

4. I will. I’ve al­ready ar­ranged for name badges, lists for sign­ing in, etc.

5. When peo­ple have sent back their re­ply, I’ll make up the list.

6. They will be send­ing some peo­ple over the next morn­ing at around 7 a.m.

7. I think so, as we now have all the in­for­ma­tion we need.

2. Sorry, we can’t come (8 points)

Maren Berger and Klaus Dorner from the Ger­man branch in Bonn are tied up with other com­mit­ments. Choose the cor­rect words (in bold) in their email to Kathie and Tom.

3. Check­ing the agenda (8 points)

Af­ter check­ing with the other par­tic­i­pants, Kathie and Tom de­cide that the meet­ing will in­deed have to take place on 11 De­cem­ber. Kathie asks Ge­orge to lead the meet­ing and has a fi­nal look at the agenda be­fore send­ing it out. The words in bold are in the wrong place. Put them where they should be.

4. Fol­low­ing the rules (6 points)

Ge­orge Cook sug­gests some rules that should be fol­lowed by all par­tic­i­pants. Trans­late the Ger­man phrases in brack­ets to com­plete the sen­tences.

A. Let other par­tic­i­pants (ausre­den) . B. (Un­ter­brechen) oth­ers only if it is

absolutely nec­es­sary. C. (Ein­hal­ten) the agenda.

D. Don’t (über­schre­iten) the time al­lowed for your con­tri­bu­tion. E. Please speak (jew­eils nur einer) .

F. Don’t (aus­dehnen) the cof­fee and

lunch breaks.

5. Meet­ings, meet­ings, meet­ings… (8 points)

Dur­ing a cof­fee break, the depart­ment heads ex- change in­for­ma­tion about the dif­fer­ent kinds of meet­ings they have at their branches. Fill in the miss­ing vow­els of the words in bold.

6. What does that mean? (6 points)

In meet­ings, you’ll of­ten hear the fol­low­ing sen­tences. Which is the cor­rect mean­ing of each sen­tence?

A. Let’s have a roll call.

1. Each par­tic­i­pant should say their name.

2. Each par­tic­i­pant should log in to the tele­con­fer­ence.

B. Can I make a point here?

1. Can I take a short break?

2. Can I put for­ward an ar­gu­ment?

C. How do you feel about that?

1. What is your opin­ion?

2. Is ev­ery­thing OK with you?

D. That’s slightly off-topic.

1. That’s not re­ally the sub­ject of this item of the agenda.

2. You’re not giv­ing enough in­for­ma­tion about this item of the agenda.

E. Can we have a quick show of hands?

1. Could you raise your hand if you agree?

2. Could you shake hands and in­tro­duce your­self?

F. Are you all with me here?

1. Do you all agree with me?

2. Have you all un­der­stood what I have said so far?

7. Fol­low­ing up (7 points)

Kathie sends a fol­low-up email to the par­tic­i­pants. Put the para­graphs of her email in the right or­der.

Dear all

A. Please find at­tached the min­utes, so that you can re­view our dis­cus­sions and the out­comes of the meet­ing.

B. First of all, I would like to thank you very much for your at­ten­dance and your fruit­ful con­tri­bu­tions.

C. Last but not least, if you have any sug­ges­tions for that meet­ing — or­ga­ni­za­tion, top­ics, etc. — please get in touch with me at any time.

D. Talk­ing of which, may I ask you to pay spe­cial at­ten­tion to the ac­tion points listed in the min­utes for each branch and depart­ment?

E. Wish­ing you now all the best for the up­com­ing hol­i­days and the New Year.

F. As I gather from the feed­back that I have re­ceived so far, this year’s an­nual meet­ing was a great op­por­tu­nity to ex­change in­for­ma­tion on past and cur­rent projects and on plans for the fu­ture.

G. Fi­nally, the next an­nual meet­ing is sched­uled for 5 De­cem­ber 2019. Please save this date. Fur­ther de­tails will fol­low.

Meet­ings: or­der or chaos?

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