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How do you say “con­nec­tion” in Ger­man?

In trans­port, a “con­nec­tion” is a plane, train or bus that is sched­uled to leave at a time that al­lows pas­sen­gers to con­tinue their jour­ney. Here, it is ⋅ trans­lated as An­schluss:

“I missed my con­nec­tion.” — Ich habe meinen An­schluss ver­passt.

In elec­tron­ics, a “con­nec­tion” is a wire that joins two parts of an elec­tri­cal sys­tem. It is trans­lated as Verbindung or

An­schluss. A “loose con­nec­tion” ⋅ means Wack­elkon­takt:

“The tech­ni­cian checked the con­nec­tion.” — Der Tech­niker hat die Verbindung über­prüft.

“Con­nec­tions” are peo­ple you know who can help you, es­pe­cially if they are in a po­si­tion of power. It is trans­lated as

Beziehung(en) or Vi­ta­min B:

“We have good con­nec­tions in the me­dia.” — Wir haben gute Beziehun­gen in der Me­di­en­branche.

“In con­nec­tion with” is tran­lated as im/in Zusam­men­hang mit:

“He was in­ter­viewed in con­nec­tion with the fraud case.” — Er wurde im Zusam­men­hang mit dem Betrugs­fall ver­hört.

How do you say Probe in English?

In the arts and cul­ture, a Probe

is a per­for­mance of a play or piece of mu­sic with­out an au­di­ence. It is trans­lated as re­hearsal or practice, and a Gen­er­al­probe is a dress re­hearsal:

+ Wir haben vor der Pre­miere gewöhn­lich drei weit­ere Proben.

— “We usu­ally have three more re­hearsals be­fore the pre­miere.”

Probe is also used in sci­ence or medicine to re­fer to a small amount of some­thing, such as food, blood or urine, which is tested to find out about the con­tents. Here, we trans­late it as ⋅ sam­ple:

Wir haben über 1000 Proben getestet, aber keine Gift­stoffe ge­fun­den. — “We tested more than 1,000 sam­ples but didn’t find any tox­ins.”

Fi­nally, when em­ploy­ees join a com­pany, there is of­ten a

Probezeit they have to pass be­fore they are given a per­ma­nent con­tract. This is their pro­ba­tion­ary ⋅ pe­riod:

Karen ist er­le­ichtert, dass sie ihre Probezeit be­standen hat.

— “Karen is re­lieved that she has passed her pro­ba­tion­ary pe­riod.”

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