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The air­port lounge

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A chance meet­ing

Frank: Heiner! What a sur­prise! Where are you off to?

Heiner: Hi, Frank. Good to see you. I’m speak­ing at a con­fer­ence in Basle. What about you? Frank: It’s my reg­u­lar trip back to HQ in Frank­furt. I was just about to go to the busi­ness lounge. Have you got time to join me? Heiner: I’ve got the time, but my econ­omy ticket doesn’t al­low me to use busi­ness lounges. Frank: That’s OK. You can be my guest. My com­pany’s credit card gives me ac­cess to cer­tain busi­ness lounges and al­lows me to take in one guest. The lounge is on the first floor. Let’s go.

Sign­ing in

Re­cep­tion­ist: Good morn­ing. Wel­come to the Ex­ec­u­tive Lounge.

Frank: Good morn­ing. I’d like to sign in a guest on my card, please.

Re­cep­tion­ist: May I just swipe your card and take

your card de­tails?

Frank: Cer­tainly. Here you are.

Re­cep­tion­ist: And could I just ask your guest to sign in here, please? Have you been in this lounge be­fore, sir? Frank: Yes, a few times. So I know my way round. Re­cep­tion­ist: We’ve in­tro­duced a quiet zone at the back, where we ask you not to use phones. And please remember to keep your eye on the flight de­par­tures screen. We don’t make pub­lic an­nounce­ments.

At the buf­fet

Frank: Here’s the buf­fet with snacks and drinks. Heiner: I wouldn’t mind a beer and a few nib­bles. Frank: Let’s get a beer and some food and find some­where com­fort­able to sit and talk. What beer would you like — lager, wheat beer or pale ale?

Heiner: I’ll have a lager. And I’ll take a hand­ful of nuts.

Frank: I’ll just have a pale ale. I’ll be eat­ing lunch on the plane later.

Heiner: That’s the ad­van­tage of fly­ing busi­ness class, I sup­pose. In econ­omy, I would have to buy a sand­wich.

Frank: I fly some­where most weeks, so my com­pany rec­og­nizes my need for a bit of com­fort. This is my work­place.

The fa­cil­i­ties

Heiner: This quiet zone is very com­fort­able. Frank: I usu­ally sit here unless I have some calls to make or a tele­con­fer­ence. I’ll even have a short sleep if it’s a red-eye flight. These chairs re­cline like aero­plane seats.

Heiner: What’s that sec­tion over there?

Frank: There are some work­sta­tions there, where you can plug in your lap­top or charge your phone. And the Wi-fi is very easy to con­nect to. I use that when I need to do some se­ri­ous work or read my emails. You also have some cor­ners you can use for small meet­ings.

Heiner: It’s a great view from here, too. I love watch­ing planes tak­ing off and land­ing. Frank: I do, too. It’s the lit­tle boy in us, I think.

Com­fort­able: air­port lounge

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