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laun­dry list

The term “laun­dry list” is used to mean just that: a list of things given to a laun­dry for wash­ing. But now it also means a long list of things, of­ten com­plaints, as in: “CNN re­porter Jim Acosta told the pres­i­dent’s rep­re­sen­ta­tive, ‘You read off a laun­dry list of your con­cerns about the press’.”


This UK term refers to peo­ple whose in­come is at risk. It is a blend of the words “pre­car­i­ous” and “pro­le­tariat”. Its use is in­creas­ing as more and more peo­ple work part-time or hold more than one job: “I’m just one pay cheque away from join­ing the pre­cariat.”

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