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In this sec­tion, you’ll find a col­lec­tion of the phrases and ex­pres­sions used in the ex­tracts on the previous pages (pp. 6–11). The num­bers (1–12) af­ter each of the phrases re­fer to the ex­tract it was taken from.

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Ask­ing dif­fi­cult ques­tions

How many of our projects ac­tu­ally start and fin­ish on time? [1]

How of­ten do we ex­ceed the bud­get and miss the dead­lines? [1]

How can we fin­ish un­der bud­get and on time? [2]

Defin­ing roles

Let me in­tro­duce your new scrum mas­ter. [2]

This is Mike. [2]

Ev­ery­one needs to own their role in the project. [5]

Who will mon­i­tor our progress? [5] Who do I need to in­form about is­sues? [5]

Are we clear about who’s re­spon­si­ble for com­plet­ing the in­di­vid­ual tasks up on the white­board? [6]

As Ra­nia is the project lead, she is ac­count­able for the project re­sults. [6] She will be in daily con­tact with the stake­hold­ers. [6]

She will get their sign-off. [6]

Defin­ing the work­ing style

As a team, we agree on the plan, the tasks and the timeline to­gether. [2] We ex­e­cute the tasks. We as­sess the re­sults. [2] We work to dead­lines. [3]

We will share our progress more fre­quently. [3]

We’ll be work­ing in two-week work­ing cy­cles, or sprints. [3]

We will meet ev­ery day to re­view our progress. [3]

I’ll sched­ule them for 10 a.m. [4] We track the progress in these meet­ings. [5]

Ev­ery day, we set new tar­gets. [5] We will have crys­tal-clear, bite-sized ob­jec­tives. [7]

Show­ing flex­i­bil­ity and con­cern

If you pre­fer, you can sit down, of course. [4] How’s your back right now? [4]

Con­trol­ling the meet­ings

Can we all keep our points short and sim­ple? [4]

We each have one minute to up­date ev­ery­one on our own in­di­vid­ual progress. [8]

We have five min­utes to set pri­or­i­ties and pri­or­i­tize back­log. [8]

Slow down. Let's fo­cus on one is­sue at a time. [9]

Can we all come around the white­board? [9]

Dis­cussing dead­lines

Can we ex­tend the dead­lines? [2] I’ve as­signed ev­ery­one spe­cific dead­lines. [11]

Are these dead­lines set in stone? [11] I’ve looked at the bud­get, time and scope con­straints of this project. [11] We could ex­tend the deadline by an­other three weeks. [11]

Check­ing views and un­der­stand­ing

Can I ask you some­thing? [7] What’s your take on scrum, sprints and stand-ups? [7]

So, what’s the pro­ce­dure? [8]

Why do you ask that? [9]

What’s your view on this? [11]

Can we add this to the white­board as a com­mit­ment? [12]

Will we meet all the re­quire­ments by the fi­nal deadline? [12]

Get­ting agree­ment

Are we OK with daily stand-ups? [4] I think we need to come to a de­ci­sion. [9]

Do we have col­lec­tive buy-in, ev­ery­one? [12]

Show­ing agree­ment

Ex­actly! [1, 5]

Sure. [7]

I agree. [9]

That’s a valid point. [11] Most def­i­nitely! [12]

Dis­cussing work­loads and tasks

Are we work­ing on the right things right now to get us to our goal? [9] We don’t have enough man­power to com­plete this in one day. [9]

Let’s break this down into smaller sto­ries. [9]

Keep­ing an eye on progress

Let me show you how far we’ve got with the de­sign. [8]

What’s the sta­tus? [9]

How should we pro­ceed? [9]

We’ve iden­ti­fied some new pain points. [10]

Have you as­sessed the im­pact of the changes? [10]

Ex­press­ing con­cern

Not more meet­ings! [3]

I’m con­cerned about the daily up­dates. [7]

What if I haven’t com­pleted my tasks? [7]

It’s very late in the day to add new fea­tures to scope. [10]

I’m be­ing pulled in mul­ti­ple direc­tions. [10]

Hon­estly, that’s a dis­as­trous plan. [11]

Deal­ing with neg­a­tiv­ity

I hear your con­cerns. [9]

I’ll see if there is a work­around. [10] Let’s keep things con­struc­tive. [11]

Pro­mot­ing a team spirit

As a team, we’re more ef­fi­cient! [5] We are com­mit­ted to mak­ing this work. [6]

We’re all in this to­gether! [12] Fan­tas­tic team­work! [12]

Well done, ev­ery­one. [12]

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