Business Spotlight - - LANGUAGE TEST -

1. Day one A. name badge B. busi­ness card C. key D. four-digit code E. user name F. pass­word G. don­gle H. can­teen card I. phone ex­ten­sion J. sig­na­ture

2. A change of sched­ule

A. speak to

B. Speak­ing C. post­pone =

(auf später) ver­schieben D. I’m afraid E. avail­able F. call

3. Meet­ing a new cus­tomer A–3; B–6; C–1; D–8; E–4; F–7; G–5; H–2

4. Solv­ing prob­lems A. will be / are cold B. don’t / do not store C. leave D. wouldn’t/would not have spoiled E. had taken F. changed G. de­liv­ered/de­liver H. would have ne­go­ti­ated

5. Mak­ing con­tact by email A. “new­bie” ifml. (the new­bie = der/ die Neue) B. du­ties C. hes­i­tate D. at­tached (please find at­tached… = als An­hang übersende ich Ih­nen …)

E. dis­counts = Ra­batte, Preis­nach­lässe F. grate­ful

6. The pre­sen­ta­tion

A. pro­jec­tor = Beamer B. screen C. blinds = Jalousien, Rol­los D. slides = hier: Folien E. quar­ter = Quar­tal F. pie (pie chart = Tor­tendi­a­gramm) G. panel (panel dis­cus­sion =


(“Beamer” and “jeal­ousy” are the false friends of “pro­jec­tor” =

Beamer and “blinds” = Jalousien.)

7. Hi, I’m…

A. charge of B. work C. care of D. re­spon­si­ble E. rap­port = har­monis­ches Ver­hält­nis

That was a suc­cess­ful first week for Nora. And how did you do on the test? Check your score here be­low.

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