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Test yourself!

See how well you know the words and phrases presented in this booklet by doing the exercises below. Cover the answers at the bottom of page 23.


1. Complete the sentences below with the correct adjectives to describe a team and its members. The first three letters are given.

A. You can talk to John. He’s very app . B. The atmosphere in the team is not great. It’s incredibly

hos . C. The team members aren’t working well together.

The team is so

dys .

D. Our team is made up of people from all over the world. It’s very

div .

E. Everyone wants Grace on their team.

She’s completely

tru .

2. Choose the correct options to complete the statements.

A. John won’t be in. It’s his day…

1. out

2. off

3. over

B. I missed the meeting yesterday. Could you bring me up to… ?

1. step

2. stride

3. speed

C. How do I know about Sam? I heard it through the...

1. grapevine

2. winery

3. vineyard

D. Ask Bob. He calls the…

1. melody

2. tune

3. beat

3. Replace each German word (in italics) in the sentences below with the correct English word.

A. If we had more

(Mittel), we could have more team members.

B. What’s your team’s (Devise)? C. There’s no place for (mobben) in our team. D. He’ll never

(sich arrangiere­n) with the decision to move me to the other team.

4. Complete each question with the correct verb. The first letter is given.

A. What do you

b to the team?

B. What support would be useful for you to

f your role? C. Can you h the coordinati­on?

D. How does that

s to everyone?

E. Every week or every two weeks? How often should the team

m up?

 ??  ??

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