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Come join the joyride


Say goodbye to boring car journeys. Audi has created a start-up called Holoride that aims to put the joy into “joyride.”

Holoride is software that is used by passengers traveling in a car. As the car moves, Holoride creates a fantasy world for passengers wearing virtual reality headsets. Jesse Schell, chief executive of Schell Games, told that Holoride is like “the best video game you’ve ever played, combined with a theme park ride.”

The Holoride technology uses data from the car to create the virtual environmen­t. The software uses the car’s steering angle, GPS, navigation route, and G-forces from accelerati­on to direct what the passenger sees, hears, and feels in the fantasy world.

Holoride has collaborat­ed with well-known U.s.-based entertainm­ent and gaming companies such as Disney, Universal Studios, and Schell Games. The companies have created content for fantasy worlds. In these virtual environmen­ts, passengers can battle spaceships, cruise underwater, or participat­e in a game, making complaints of boredom from the back seat of the car a thing of the past.

 ??  ?? Holoride: a treat for the back seat
Holoride: a treat for the back seat

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