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Capital: Wellington

Other main cities: Auckland, Christchur­ch

Head of state: Queen Elizabeth II

Head of government: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern

Population: 4.925 million (2020 est.)

Official languages: English and Maori

Currency: NZ dollar (€1 = NZ$ 1.7)

GDP: $189 billion, making it the world’s 68th-biggest economy, using purchasing power parity (2017 est.)

GDP annual growth: 2.7% (September 2019)

Unemployme­nt: 4.8% (2019)

Inflation: 1.94% (2018)

CIA Word Factbook: library/publicatio­ns/the-world-factbook/ geos/nz.html Stats NZ: indicators/gross-domestic-product-gdp Statista: statistics/375266/unemployme­nt-rate-innew-zealand inflation-rate-in-new-zealand)

annual [(Änjuel] , jährlich

est. (estimate) [(estimet] , Schätzung

GDP (gross domestic product) [)dzi: di: (pi:] , BIP (Bruttoinla­ndsprodukt)

purchasing power parity [)P§:TSESIN )paue (päreti] , Kaufkraftp­arität

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