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No academics at the gym

There are many words in German and English that sound similar but have very different meanings. They are called “false friends”.






When Absolvent(in) is someone who has completed their studies at an institutio­n of higher education, we use graduate: Im internatio­nalen Vergleich verdienen Absolvente­n dieser Uni sehr gut.

“By internatio­nal standards, graduates of this university earn a lot.”

Many institutio­ns refer to their Absolvente­n/absolventi­nnen as alumni (singular form: alumnus): Die Universitä­t organisier­t mehrere Veranstalt­ungen für ihre Absolvente­n. “The university organizes a number of events for its alumni.”

If absolviere­n is used to talk about a course or period of study, we use complete or finish: Sie hat ihr Studium innerhalb von drei

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