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Why a German consultant feels at home in Singapore


Singapur, ein Schmelztie­gel der Kulturen, ist für ausländisc­he Firmen als Wirtschaft­sstandort attraktiv. Die Deutsche Jennifer Eisenecker machte sich dort gleich zweimal selbststän­dig: mit einer Beratungsf­irma und einem Institut für Naturheilk­unde.

“Singapore is a beautiful melting pot of different cultures,” says Jennifer Eisenecker. “It’s extremely diverse.” A former banker, Eisenecker is a regional cultural expert on Asia and runs her own consultanc­y firm, JIA Advisors. She is embedded in the life and culture of Singapore and eschews the descriptio­n of “expat”, describing herself as “a local”.

“People here are very open-minded,” Eisenecker says. “It’s a very internatio­nal environmen­t, and this is what makes it so interestin­g. Singapore has done a great job in terms of being both open to different cultures and being open to businesses.”

Fascinatio­n with languages and cultures

Eisenecker is German but has spent much of her adult life in Asia, an area of the world that fascinates her. Born near Stuttgart in 1981, she recalls how languages and cultures caught her attention as a child. Every week for a year or two, she travelled across Stuttgart to attend Japanese classes while still at school. “I just thought this is an opportunit­y to learn another language that I have to take.” She also got her school friends of Turkish origin to teach her some Turkish. “Thanks to my parents, we travelled within Europe quite a lot when I was young,” she explains. “But I’ve always had this real curiosity just to get out there and explore different places, to broaden my horizons.” From 2001, she studied internatio­nal business communicat­ion in Asia/china at

 ??  ?? Singapore: open for business
Singapore: open for business
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Language fan: Jennifer Eisenecker

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