Business Spotlight



1. Taking your time

● Thank you for thinking of me.

● I appreciate your confidence in me.

● I’m honoured that you would consider me for this project.

2. Learning the facts

● What is the timeline for this?

● What exactly is involved?

● What would be my role and my responsibi­lities?

3. Voicing your concerns

● I have too much on my plate at the moment.

● It’s going to be impossible to give everything the

attention I’d like to.

● This would require a significan­t amount of my time for the next month.

4. Being firm

● I’m afraid I can’t take on anything else right now.

● To be perfectly honest, my schedule is full.

● Thanks again for asking, but I should prioritize...

5. Talking about your workload

● I really need the time to deal with...

● Actually, you also asked me to work on...

● Most of my hours for the next few weeks have already been reserved for other projects.

6. ⋅ Asking for support

● Is there someone who could support me on this project / my other projects?

● Can I put something on the back burner while I deal with this?

● How do you think this can fit in with my other work commitment­s?

7. Accepting yes

● So, we agree that I should prioritize...

● As this is more urgent, we agree to postpone...

● Thanks for agreeing to put my other work on hold.

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