Falstaff Specials (Austria)



EA rolling stone gathers no moss. What may sound like a very commonplac­e statement, is very true in fact. And that’s why we stay constantly on the move. Because nothing is good enough to not strive for further improvemen­t. To achieve this, we’re working as a team – and with an appreciati­on for an entire community of staff members, local heroes supplying us with great products and, of course, a sense of gratitude for you, our guests. Satisfacti­on among our staff, our suppliers and our guests is our main motivation behind our striving to realize our vision of the LOISIUM lifestyle. That being said, happy guests who come back are the greatest compliment for us – and at the same time a reason to go further. We do that by expanding on regionalit­y and sourcing food and other products from local suppliers thereby improving sustainabi­lity and reducing our environmen­tal footprint. We value our community and are aware of our social responsibi­lity – after all, our staff and suppliers are the ones creating positive emotions for even more laidback vibes. All these components are the fabric that makes the LOISIUM lifestyle, a lifestyle that will now be spread internatio­nally, because we’ve just added our first hotel outside of Austria – LOISIUM Champagne. And there’s more to come… So, what are you waiting for? Come join us at a LOISIUM of your choice.

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