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EWeingut Steininger is not only one of the most magnificen­t vineyards in Langenlois, but is also in possession of large parts of the nearly 900-year-old cellar networks beneath the city, which is one of the main attraction­s of the LOISIUM WeinWelt. Here, the wines, especially sparkling wines, are cellared and aged for which the family is famous beyond Austria’s borders. Their primary source of inspiratio­n is none other than the world’s most-famous sparkling wine producing region, Champagne. »We aren’t interested in comparing our wines with those from Champagne«, says Eva Steininger, who took over the operations along with her husband Peter in 2021. »But we do aim to elevate our sparkling wine to the same significan­ce that Champagne has in France: that of an everyday beverage for any occasion.«

And anyone who has had the privilege of trying one of the family‘s 17 sparkling wines knows that Langenlois is not far behind the »King of Wines«.

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