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While Champagne Henri Giraud’s cellars are something no lover of fine wines would want to miss, another treasure awaits those wanting to prolong the experience: its cigar cellar. Constantly seeking the perfect pairing with some of the rarest smokes, the maison likes to remind us of the many ways in which the worlds of champagne and cigars are connected. And not just because of the aromatic complement­arity, the retro-olfactory sensations or the variation in flavours.

2021 was a particular­ly good year for thinking about new sensations thanks to the creation of a unique Ratafia Champenois. Designed around the idea of a perfect pairing with the cigar, the Ratafia Champenois »Vieillisse­ment Prolongé« from HG is, first and foremost, about getting back to the basics of what has been a family tradition since 1625 and the very roots of Champagne. This liqueur, an extension of Champagne in terms of culture and taste, was, for a long time, a very popular stomach medicine! Combining medical and social features, Ratafia Champenois is now considered a fine drink, recognised as a very natural liqueur, and bartenders can’t get enough of it when coming up with new, on-trend cocktails. How is it made? The artisanal process is a natural prolongati­on of making juice which, once extracted, leaves behind must. A champagne press takes in 4,000 kilos of grapes. The last 116 litres pressed from non-fermented must is what is used for ratafia champenois - this is ratafia’s soul. So even as the generation­s change within the estate, the energy created by such matches, a sign of really special moments of life, continues to be what drives the Henri Giraud Experience.




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