Falstaff Specials (Austria)



Looking for a guys’ or girls’ night out? Look no further. Both »Black Eve« and »Pink Eve« at the LOISIUM Spa Clubs are very popular events. While »Black Eve« reserves the entire Spa Club for men only from 6 PM to 10 PM, »Pink Eve« is all about the ladies. Both events include snack buffets and champagne tastings but are by far not the only special events at the LOISIUM Spa Clubs. Special event or not, the Spa Clubs await you with a host of soothing treatments for your body and face using regionally sourced sustainabl­e products by Saint Charles Apothecary. Treatments for hands and feet are also available. And by the way: It’s not called LOISIUM Wine & Spa Hotel for nothing – of course there are also combinatio­ns of the two: the LOISIUM Wine Treatments using products made from grapes and grape seeds. And every treatment also comes with a glass of wine as a finale – a little reward with a relaxing effect to lift your spirits.


The Spa Bar at the new LOISIUM in Mutigny is something the Champagne region hasn’t seen before – relax and enjoy the spa while sipping on a glass of fine champagne. Isn’t this the perfect way to enjoy the best of both worlds? Something that is also highly popular at LOISIUM Wine & Spa Hotels, are bachelor’s and bacheloret­te’s weekends, complete with wine tastings with a sommelier, customized beauty treatments as well as bike or hiking tours before hitting the sauna at the Spa Club.

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