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EBusiness experts know the deal: If you want a business event to have a lasting positive effect, you need a stand-out program of events and activities – along with your message. And if you really want to stand out, you need to relax and think about everyone’s well-being. In other words, wellness is the new must in business events. LOISIUM Wine & Spa Hotels offer an unbeatable combinatio­n of culinary excellence, relaxing spa and wellness facilities, wine expertise par excellence and an extensive array of unique after-work activities in incredible locations. With wine gardens and idyllic vineyards across Langenlois and South Styrian hills that go on forever, the LOISIUM hotels boast soothing landscapes perfect for unwinding after a long day of hard work. From a walk through the hills, a bike trek or a dip in the pools among the grapevines, you can unwind however you choose. And if you feel like sweating without exerting yourself, then our Spa Club and its saunas are just what you’re looking for. There are a host of additional options at each LOISIUM location as well. In Langenlois, you can go on a tour of LOISIUM WeinWelt, take a Wachau Safari, head out on foot for some geocaching deep in wine country, ride the house Vespa through the hills or enjoy teambuildi­ng activities. Those options are just warmups, however, for the real afterwork entertainm­ent: the culinary program. From our restaurant to the BBQ to one of the many other diverse locations spread out around the area LOISIUM is known for excellent food, paired with fantastic wine and champagne. ■

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