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Fol­low­ing your re­marks about Bertha Zuck­erkandl at the re­cent Metropole Sa­lon, I wanted to call your at­ten­tion to the book The Age of an In­sight, by No­bel Prize win­ner Eric R. Kan­del. This is where I found out about the dis­cov­er­ies in clin­i­cal and patho­log­i­cal stud­ies ac­com­plished by ex­perts from Vi­enna School of Medicine as early as the mid-19th cen­tury. I re­al­ized that so many of these Vi­en­nese artists, writ­ers and sci­en­tists met in the Zuck­erkandl Sa­lon, so that a se­ries of mul­ti­dis­ci­plinary lec­tures emerged, where dis­tin­guished lu­mi­nar­ies could learn, for ex­am­ple, how a sin­gle cell is fer­til­ized to de­velop into a fe­tus and then into in­fant. This per­spec­tive puts [Gus­tav] Klimt into post-dar­winian and pre-freudian cul­tural ma­trix… There are many mys­ter­ies hid­den be­hind its chap­ters. VID JERAJ, Vi­enna

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