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Hav­ing read an­other of Simon Bal­lam’s fine wine pieces, this time on com­par­a­tive tast­ings of re­lated wines, [“Learn­ing by Drink­ing”, MET Fe­bru­ary, 2018], I wanted to call your at­ten­tion to the very small Ko­val Dis­tillery in Chicago owned by Dr. Robert Bir­necker, an Aus­trian na­tive who of­fers a bour­bon whiskey – both or­ganic and kosher – that is 51% corn whiskey and 49% mil­let, which sup­pos­edly gives it a spe­cial smooth­ness. I con­tinue to en­joy my hard copies of Metropole. In­ter­est­ing read­ing and lightyears more ex­cit­ing graph­i­cally than any­thing I see here. For some rea­son our de­sign­ers seem to think that creative graphic treat­ment must, by def­i­ni­tion, be il­leg­i­ble. One of the things I trea­sure in Metropole is haut dessin that does not re­quire me to stand on my head to read the text. It re­ally is out­stand­ing. ARTHUR EIN­STEIN, Stu­art, Florida

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