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Der Ruf nach einem Ver­bot von Handys in Schulen wird im­mer lauter. Schulen soll­ten einen Rah­men bi­eten, in dem die Schüler ler­nen kön­nen, in der realen Welt zu kom­mu­nizieren und sich in der Ge­sellschaft zurechtzufinden.

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When a min­is­ter in this gov­ern­ment stum­bles on a pol­icy that is both pop­u­lar and good, it’s news­wor­thy. Matt Hancock, the [for­mer] dig­i­tal min­is­ter, has [this sum­mer] sug­gested that schools ban the use of mo­bile phones by their pupils. Amanda Spiel­man, the head of Of­sted, agrees. In France, the Macron gov­ern­ment ... put for­ward leg­is­la­tion that will ban the use of phones in all pri­mary and mid­dle schools . ...

There are three kinds of dam­age that mo­bile phones can do in the play­ground and schools are right to tackle them. The most ob­vi­ous may be the least se­ri­ous: some games and apps are so over­whelm­ingly at­trac­tive when they first ap­pear that un­happy chil­dren can be en­tirely swept away in them . ... The sec­ond prob­lem, which is not of course con­fined to school hours, is that so­cial net­works make bul­ly­ing and cliquish­ness eas­ier and per­haps more at­trac­tive. They make grownups be­have like petu­lant teenagers and real teenagers have fewer de­fences against their own worst im­pulses...

The most se­ri­ous, though, is that the con­stant in­ter­rup­tion and the state of twitchy half-at­ten­tion pro­moted by the mo­bile phone tends to de­grade the ca­pac­ity for sus­tained at­ten­tion, which schools need to teach. There is ev­i­dence, men­tioned by Mr Hancock, that the mere pres­ence of a phone makes it harder to con­cen­trate... The ex­pec­ta­tion of dis­trac­tion is its own dis­trac­tion. This isn’t just a mat­ter of lis­ten­ing in lessons. Out­side the class­room chil­dren are constantly learn­ing — and teach­ing — im­por­tant so­cial lessons and they need to do this with their real com­pan­ions rather than imag­i­nary ones. Real com­mu­ni­ties are made from peo­ple who might not have cho­sen one an­other and schools should teach chil­dren how to live in them. Pay­ing the trib­ute of at­ten­tion to the peo­ple around us is part of that . ...

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