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To talk about ac­tiv­i­ties (= how you spend your time), use:

“for” + length of time

I lived in Am­s­ter­dam for five years.

“un­til” or “till” + end point

I’ll be work­ing un­til six this evening. the verb “spend” + length of time + verb + “-ing”

He spent six years work­ing as a waiter.

He spends all his time pho­tograph­ing in­sects.

To talk about achieve­ments (= things you want to do or achieve), use:

“in” + length of time

Wait for me. I’ll be ready in about 10 min­utes.

“by” + end point

Din­ner is at eight, so we need to get there by 7.30. the verb “take” + length of time + “to” + in­fini­tive

It takes a long time to learn a new lan­guage.

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