1. What hap­pened? Ralph: Two young guys came in — one of them had a gun — and de­manded that the cashier hand over all the cash in the till. He did so... and then they ran off. Joseph: Were they caught? Ralph: No. Not that I know of. Joseph: How much mo

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It’s Fri­day evening, and flat­mates Joseph and Ralph are in the kitchen. Ralph has just come home.

Joseph: Hey, Ralph! I’m just mak­ing some din­ner. Have you eaten yet...? Ralph? What’s the mat­ter? You look as if you’ve

seen a ghost. Here, sit down. Ralph: I’m fine. Well, I will be in a minute. I was just wit­ness to a crime.

Joseph: What? What sort of crime? Ralph: A hold-up — at the cor­ner shop.

Joseph: Oh, my good­ness! What hap­pened?

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