4. How are you feel­ing now?

Joseph tells Ralph about the time he was mugged.

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Joseph: Did I ever tell you about the

time I was mugged?

Ralph: No. When was that?

Joseph: It was about two years ago now. I’d just got money out of the ATM, when four guys came up to me and told me to hand over the cash I’d just with­drawn.

Ralph: What did you do?

Joseph: I gave them the money, of course. I thought they would

beat me up if I didn’t. They ran off as soon as I handed it over. I still can’t use a cash ma­chine with­out think­ing about it.

Ralph: I can imag­ine. That’s aw­ful! Joseph: How are you feel­ing now?

Are you hun­gry?

Ralph: No, not re­ally. I wouldn’t mind a beer, but I didn’t buy any in the end. I for­got.

Joseph: I’m not sur­prised.

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