3. Will they catch them?

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Ralph and Joseph are still talk­ing about the hold-up.

Joseph: Do you think the po­lice will catch the raiders?

Ralph: I don’t know. They said there had been a spate of rob­beries in the area re­cently. Chances

are it wasn’t the first time those two had robbed a store. The po­lice said they’d com­pare CCTV footage of sim­i­lar hold-ups and see if they could get any leads. Joseph: Quite a haul, £5,000, isn’t it? Ralph: Not bad for 90 sec­onds. That’s all it took.

Joseph: I feel sorry for the cashier. Ralph: Yeah, me, too. I’m still shak­ing, and I wasn’t the one who had a gun held in my face. Joseph: I sup­pose there’s not much shop­keep­ers can do to safe­guard against rob­beries. Ralph: Not re­ally.

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