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1. To talk about pur­pose, Arthur uses the words in or­der to + in­fini­tive. This means the same as to + in­fini­tive, but it is stronger and sounds more se­ri­ous. 2. To talk about pur­pose, you can also use so that. You can leave out the word that if you wish (“...so you can get tax back...”). 3. Arthur uses the phrase for

busi­ness pur­poses. You can also say for leisure pur­poses, for hol­i­day pur­poses, etc. 4. So as to means the same as in or­der to. We of­ten use it to talk about the ad­van­tage of do­ing some­thing. 5. This is an­other ex­am­ple of so that, this time, with a change of sub­ject (“An off­shore fund..., so that you...”). 6. The neg­a­tive of so as to is

so as not to. Here, it is used in the con­text of “so that we don’t waste time”. 7. Arthur uses the phrase for + noun / pro­noun + to

(= ...so that you can sign...).

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