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The com­plete say­ing is great

minds think alike (ifml.) and is used hu­mor­ously to say that two peo­ple must be very clever be­cause they have had the same idea.

...and all that (ifml.) can be used to com­plete well-known say­ings. Marika uses the “go­ing to” con­struc­tion when ask­ing How much is it

go­ing to be? She hasn’t paid yet. Ticket prices change con­stantly, and she knows El­lie can tell her the price. In the UK, a card that al­lows some­body to travel by train at a re­duced price is called a rail­card. Hang on a minute (ifml.) is used to ask peo­ple to wait or to stop what they are do­ing for a short time.

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