Never-end­ing sen­tences

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An­swer B is bet­ter.

Both A and B are gram­mat­i­cally cor­rect. How­ever, A is dif­fi­cult to read be­cause it’s so long. It’s writ­ten in the same way that we tell a story when we’re speak­ing — in an end­less stream of lan­guage. Ver­sion B is much eas­ier to read be­cause it’s di­vided into clear, log­i­cal sen­tences.

Our tip: Once you have used three or more con­junc­tions (e.g. “and”, “but”, “how­ever”, “when”, “if”, “al­though”, “so”, “be­cause”) in one sen­tence, it’s def­i­nitely time to think about break­ing it down into smaller sen­tences.

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