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Ad­jec­tives (rather than ad­verbs) are used with cer­tain verbs, as in it smells amaz­ing. Other verbs fol­lowed by an ad­jec­tive are “be”, “seem”, “ap­pear”, “look”, “sound”, “taste” and “feel”. If you do some­thing on your own, you do it with­out any help. “By your­self” can be used in the same way. If you make your­self scarce, you leave and stay away for a time to avoid some­thing un­pleas­ant.

Though is used when adding in­for­ma­tion that makes the pre­vi­ous state­ment less strong or im­por­tant. A “glut­ton” is a per­son who eats too much. A glut­ton for pun­ish­ment en­joys do­ing un­pleas­ant tasks.

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