Se­cret agents in Ber­lin

The words in this puz­zle are taken from this is­sue’s The US in Ger­many. You may find it help­ful to re­fer to the text on pages 40–43.

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1. “The im­age has re­mained in my

ever since.”

3. What ac­tu­ally hap­pens, not what is

imag­ined or thought.

4. To travel by bike.

5. Raised land, but not as high as a


7. To lis­ten se­cretly to other peo­ple’s

tele­phone calls, ra­dio broad­casts, etc. 10. “The novel is writ­ten from a child’s


12. James Bond’s job.

14. A num­ber of tele­vi­sion pro­grammes that deal with the same sub­ject or have the same char­ac­ters.

15. A start­ing point; prin­ci­ples un­der­ly­ing cer­tain ideas or ac­tions.

16. An in­struc­tion to do some­thing.

17. To move around with­out pur­pose or



1. Mea­sure of dis­tance.

2. Done not long ago.

3. “Ac­cess to most govern­ment build­ings is .”

4. A place where two streets meet. 6. Some­thing spe­cial and ex­pen­sive

may be a .

8. News­pa­pers, mag­a­zines and other

sources of news.

9. Some­one who comes to see a per­son

or place.

11. “The crim­i­nals made their on


13. “The from the top of the tower

was in­cred­i­ble.”

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