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Spotlight - - THE BASICS -

Now find out more about Nigel’s in­stru­ment, the tuba.

The tuba is the big­gest brass in­stru­ment and plays the low­est notes. It weighs more than 12 kilo­grams.

The first tuba was patented in 1835.

Most or­ches­tras have only one tuba, but a tra­di­tional brass band has four. The world record for the big­gest tuba ensem­ble is 502 tubas play­ing to­gether.

To play the tuba, you don’t blow into it. In­stead, you make a “buzzing” vi­bra­tion with your lips.

Tubas usu­ally play the bass line of the mu­sic, not the melody, but there are a few solo pieces for the tuba.

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