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Our in­ter­view part­ners from around the English­s­peak­ing world tell us about them­selves. To­day, we talk to tuba player Nigel Marsh from Ox­ford­shire.

Where do you play your tuba?

In a brass band called Abbey Brass. I joined the band’s learner group and started learn­ing the tuba be­cause my daugh­ter wanted me to go with her. Ten years later, she’s left the band, but I’m still here.

Is the tuba a dif­fi­cult in­stru­ment to play?

It’s large, heavy and dif­fi­cult to hold, es­pe­cially if you have to carry it while march­ing and play­ing at the same time. Amer­i­can march­ing bands have a spe­cial ver­sion of the tuba called a sousa­phone, which you wear like a ring around your­self.

What sort of mu­sic do you play?

We play all sorts of mu­sic — clas­si­cal, pop, tra­di­tional brass-band mu­sic. We do con­certs all year round, but Christ­mas is the busiest time for a brass band.

What do you do at Christ­mas?

Ev­ery­one likes the sound of a brass band play­ing tra­di­tional Christ­mas car­ols. We give a lot of Christ­mas con­certs, and we play car­ols in town and out­side su­per­mar­kets to make money. We play them so of­ten, I can hear them in my sleep.

tuba player Nigel Marsh,

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