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The ex­pres­sion “to put the cat among the pi­geons” means “to upset a group of peo­ple by putting some­thing or some­one dis­turb­ing into the group”. A short­ened form of this id­iom is the ti­tle of a pop­u­lar mur­der mys­tery by Agatha Christie. The metaphor­i­cal pi­geons in this case are the teach­ers and pupils at Meadowbank, an ex­pen­sive board­ing school for girls in Eng­land. Who, though, is the cat? Cer­tainly some­one is de­ter­mined to cause trou­ble. When two of the teach­ers die mys­te­ri­ously, Her­cule Poirot is called in to solve the crimes. This sim­pli­fied ver­sion of Cat Among the Pi­geons is writ­ten at B2+ level. The book in­cludes a list of im­por­tant char­ac­ters, a glos­sary of dif­fi­cult words ex­plained in English and a chap­ter of cul­tural notes. Harper­collins, €9.79.

board­ing school [(BO:DIN )sku:l] In­ter­nat de­ter­mined [di(t§:mind] entschlossen mur­der mys­tery [(m§:de )mis­tri] Krim­i­nal­ro­man pi­geon [(pidzen] Taube upset [Vp(set] aufre­gen, be­un­ruhi­gen

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