“Fewer” / “less”

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An­swer A is bet­ter.

“Fewer” is used with count­able nouns: Fewer stu­dents are learn­ing for­eign lan­guages these days.

“Less” is used with un­count­able nouns: Schools are spend­ing less time and less money on for­eign lan­guages. In spo­ken English, many peo­ple use “less” for count­able nouns, too: Less peo­ple speak for­eign lan­guages.

Our tip: If you are writ­ing in an aca­demic or pro­fes­sional con­text, you will make a far bet­ter im­pres­sion if you know the dif­fer­ence be­tween “less” and “fewer”.

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